Erotic Touch Massage is a blend of fantasy, pleasure and sensual goodness. "The Experience" King Noire delivers a variety of massage sessions which are carefully designed to bring you to the highest of blissful heights.
Shades of Grey
An Erotic Touch Massage best seller that activates your erogenous zones; using a delicate balance of sensory deprivation and stimulation, restraints and more good things for bad girls.

A Deep tissue/ Shiatsu spa style massage with the stimulation of Erotic Touch & private entertainment.

Have your cake & eat it too tonight! Choose your favorite Elevation Product and/or aromatherapy fragrance to enjoy during your Erotic Touch Massage. Relax to the feel of strong hands and therapeutic vibrations.

If you have ever wanted to be treated like an ice cream cone this package is chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream and a cherry on top. For clients with a sweet tooth and a dirty mind. We clean up the mess.

Pure Ecstasy
Combine your choice of (3) from any of the menu options for an Erotic Touch Massage that will leave you speechless

Fire and Ice
This massage is our best seller! Hot wax dripped and massaged on the skin in the heat of passion and the gently caress of an ice cube can make steam come off the body. This Erotic Touch Massage lets you reach your burning desires. (Soy massage Oil Candles available for an additional fee)

The Right Touch
Allow Sensual Noire to demonstrate privately or to your group the right touch to pleasing your partner. Unlike any other adult entertainment, you will not only be entertained but also learn skills to take into your own intimate setting. From sensual arousal to the ultimate climax, you will witness “The On Demand Experience” with the Right Touch.

What our clients are saying...

  • I had such an incredible experience yesterday in the hands of King Noire. I am a true believer that in order to be able to give you must fill your cup first, you can't give from an empty cup. As a Tantra energy healer, and a sex health advocate with a fairly successful practice, I have a need for healing services that can refill my cup and keep me functioning at a level where I can properly be of service to the clients that I work with.
    Trying to find the right type of healer, sensual energy practitioner is not easy as a woman. Being able to find a safe space to explore and receive with King Noire was heaven sent.  From the initial communications to set a level of comfort to the actual session in which you set time aside to discuss what you would like to explore, to King Noire completely taking care of every detail. Every aspect left me to choice but to be completely in the moment.I look forward to being able to explore more of myself in his hands as well as referring some of my clients that may need that extra push to become closer to their highest best sexual self.
    Sincerely, Juicy Jhos.