body and sultryI am more and more amazed with the sleek and mature designs offered in the Adult Pleasure Toy market. This month’s review of the California Exotic Novelties Body and Soul Sultry adds to that amazement. The Body and Soul massager was a very pleasing in touch and function. While there were not too many bells and whistles that went along with this toy—I could not have been happier. I am not a big fan of having to think too much when it comes to pleasure ;) and between me and these 5 functions…it was all pleasure! I especially liked the ribbed contour on the toy shaft….ahhhh!!! The Body and Soul Sultry is a little more than 4 inches long and 1.75 inches wide. In my opinion it is a great intro toy especially for couples that are not accustom to having enhancements in the bedroom. I enjoyed each of the 5 speeds from vibration, pulsation to escalation!!! The silicone toy is waterproof and phthalate free. It was super easy to use with the touch controller and fancy LED light. I should have read the instructions all the way through to know that I needed to hold it down for 3 seconds to turn it off—that threw me off just a little! Overall the Body and Soul Sultry is a very nice addition to any toy box!
bendies ripple"Best way to put this.... Variety! I completely enjoyed playing with the girth the California Exotic Silicone Bendie Ripple had to offer! I took some time to just enjoy the feel of this silicone SOFT beauty without turning it on-- yes I am still working on patience! Jassy Girls know I am not the "dildo type", but I am always willing to try something new or even try something again! As we always discuss, so much of our sexual hang ups are mind over matter; I believe I tackled one of mine with this month's review. I discovered the physical appearance of this toy did not turn me off as other "life like" toys have in the past. The design is perfect for the single or couple that like a little imagination when it comes to penetration play. The interesting shape and curves of this Bendie excited me quite a bit. The different variation of the Bendie, including all 10 functions of vibrations and pulsations! Oh and I cannot forget to add, this baby can play in the water. The length and flexibility was perfect to meet several spots and the curvaceousness made the strokes enjoyable! I enjoyed stroking to my own rhythm --this toy made exploring easy. The material felt incredible--which now I am a snob about since reviewing for Cal Ex's newest lines! I still reverted back to using the tip for the ultimate clitoral stimulation...aaaah something’s have not changed but everything leading up to the orgasms was enjoyable and time well spent alone! Great Toy for lots of reasons!
embraceThis month’s review of California Exotic’s Embrace Lover’s Ring reinforced the lesson of creativity and working what you have! You will learn how this Lover’s Ring can work wonders in your bedroom, wonders for you alone and or how you turn lemons into sweet sweet sweet lemonade on the spot! The Embrace Lover’s Ring is one of the fancier Cock Rings that I have come across. It is made with incredibly soft silicone material that is completely waterproof. It is an i7 device which means 7 different functions from pulsation, escalation, vibration to intense vibration! The vibrator that slides into the ring is standard size, easy to manipulate and can come out with ease for a variety of ways to use it! So there you have all the basic specs, now let’s get to “The Experience”! I conveniently left the Embrace package on my dresser, in plain view for my house guest to notice. Before leaving out I mentioned that we should try this new thing later. As many of you know, my favorite foreplay is long play! Well a day or two went by and neither of us touched it…I started to wonder if he had some anxiety about wrapping this purple beauty around his beauty (COCK WORSHIP …check out the Fetish Form)! Eventually on the third night, things heated up, still no toy. I had my first 2 or 3 orgasms and forgot about anything I had on my dresser and my mind; oh but he did not forget. He came back to the bed with something quietly humming for my 4th climax! My partner, and I am NOT complaining, is too well endowed to comfortably wear the Embrace Lover’s Ring for too long. He tried for my benefit but I could sense his discomfort. I did completely enjoy the penetration and stimulation all at one time but unless the next version of the Embrace is Lover’s Ring XL, I will not be able to use it as intended. However we did not stop the show because of one minor issue; he used it manually to bring me right to the brink of climax and then deeply penetrated, for both of us to enjoy my final orgasm of the night! My oh my, the combination of the Love and the Ring was a beautiful thing! The lesson here is that not every toy is crafted perfectly for your situation, but there are so many ways to be creative and introduce something new to your love life. The base of the ring can even be turned downwards so that he can have stimulation on his testicles or turned up so that clitoral stimulation and pressure is the priority. I have since played around with the ring and find it to be a “neat” handle to satisfy myself with while waiting for my house guest to return! Thanks Cal Exotics for something new to the toy box and I’ll keep my eye out for the Embrace Lover’s Ring XL!
scandleFantasy Fantasy Fantasy! The Scandal Gag Ball is one of those toys that stays on your mind from the moment you see the package. The Scandal line by Cal Exotics has been a very sexy and tempting line of toys that I am excited to share with my Jassy Girls! This month Cal Exotics surprised me with one of my most fantasized pleasure products, a Gag Ball. I had the pleasure of finding a way to enjoy this beautifully designed treat without the presence of my beau! I'll tell you a bit about the Scandal Gag Ball's beauty, how my Jassy girls can pick one up for simple ways of Temp & Tease and how I'll be seeing this elevation product from Fantasy to Reality! The beautiful straps that hold the gag ball securely around your mouth are perfectly matched to Scandal line's deep red decorative material. It felt delicate and sexy across my face. The meeting of elegance and silence took any stigma surrounding submission completely way; I felt beautiful with the adjustable ties across my face and fastened in a secure bow. The Gag Ball, weighing close to 3 ounces is a Latex and Phthalate Free Silicone Ball, safe for mouth play! I immediately knew I would enjoy clamping my teeth down and into this ball when paired with my lover. I am known to tear through sheets with my teeth and hands....maybe this little piece of silicone will save me a pretty penny. Like myself, many of my friends are busy women--traveling while trying to maintain their Love, Lust and Life Balance. Jet Setting Jasmine is often sought after to help find creative ways to introduce new ideas in the bedroom, new concepts into relationships or just creative ways to keep one craving the other! So I figured I'd give this toy a try with the Long Distance Lover in mind. First step....clean your mirrors and lock your door. My self photo shoot of the Scandal Gag Ball and I turned out to be far more stimulating than I set out. Allowing the ball to fall against my lips to capture just the right pose; biting my teeth into it while imagining the thrust that makes me want to tear through skin; thinking intensely about how these pictures will be received and what reward will be given for sending such naughty thoughts mid day, all of these things led to me having quite the "personal moment". I sent the pictures of myself and the beautiful and very functional Gag Ball to my lover. It opened the door to a titillating conversation about an upcoming visit we have been looking forward to and our intentions with the Gag Ball. For starters....I've been ordered to arrive at the airport with my gag ball securely fastened!! I will have so much more to share about this experience on the next Mile High Club Radio Show! Stay tuned to this Sexpert Adventure!
g-kissAnother sweet welcome home from New York package awaited me this week, The G-Kiss Platinum Edition vibrator! California Exotic Novelties always knows how to enhance my personal sensuality by introducing new sensations and spots! If you have been following my blog you know that I have been very focused on clitoral stimulation when it comes to toys; but over the past few months I have had more personal time tending to my G-Spot or G-Kiss ;) This Sexploration has been just as much fun as frustrating; sometimes knowing exactly what “gets the job done” leaves you little time to play. This month I really took my time with the G-Kiss and was determined to enjoy this new addition to my toy box. The G-Kiss Platinum Edition was properly equipped to give me key areas to arouse. I really invested a lot of time thinking about how I was going to approach using this toy – and quite frankly this process was so enjoyable and required a certain level of control, that I cannot wait to share it in –person with my Jassy Girls. Step One….figure out what its intended functions are – pleasure! The G-Kiss is designed to stimulate the clitoral region, the vaginal wall, and G-Spot. It has 3 unique and intense speeds to produce different sensations with each maneuver and it prepped for water play. The Phalate free yet very soft and flexible texture that I have come to expect from California Exotics, made gliding to my curves supreme. To operate the G-Kiss 2 AAA batteries are required and a touch of a very easy button control at the bottom. This easy to operate toy calls for no fumble on the play! It is light weight and compact (4” Shaft). For what it lacks in size/length, it delivers in power using its dual motors to massage and vibrate. The curvature of this edition was actually a perfect angle for me—finding my G-Kiss was a bit easier than usual. To take full advantage of this newbie I made a conscious decision to slowly allow the G-Kiss to stimulate the areas it was designed for first—before I started to make my own rendition (clitoral clitoral clitoral …pass out!) I allowed the shaft to be swirled around and deliver speeds one thru three with very little pressure on my clitoris from the external massager (which has nice little stimulators peeking through). Once I really felt relaxed and a nice "awakening” of my G-Spot, I tilted the G-Kiss in just the right angle and pressure to fully engage my clitoris. I have to say the size of the external massage is one of the best, covering a great base and delivering delicate tingles through the small stimulators. This was about fifteen minutes in….which is a MARATHON for me! During this time I realized I had more control over my body and some of my most sensitive regions. I used the toy to fully massage and relax me in an order that gave a heightened orgasm once I was indeed ready to release! Let’s just say I gave the G-Kiss a nice sloppy one! I cannot wait to introduce my Jassy girls to the art of slow and intentional play! It is going to give all of our toys new meaning and function. I enjoyed the G-Kiss…great timing, power, contour, texture, and definitely a memorable personal experience for me! I’ll be back soon…. going to try for 20 minutes!
entice-belleWelcome Home Jasmine!! Shamefully enough I must admit one of first things that I opened when I returned home from our CaliPornification tour was my Cal Exotics package. I still have yet to unpack, file expense reports or do much of anything but turn my cute Entice Belle on…fast…faster…and then off! It is definitely a perk of being a Sexpert—trying new toys that you would not ordinarily pick up! It is rare for me to go for the “in between” size when it comes to a toy. However, the Entice Belle by CalExotics made up for size with power and overall fun. The Entice Belle is a 3.75 inch dual waterproof vibrator with a dual motor, using 2 AAA batteries. It has 7 different functions of vibration, pulsation and pure heavenly escalation! As expected by California Exotics, it has a wonderful make up of Phalate free Silicone, giving a very smooth and soft touch. It also makes for an easy clean and minimal allergy issues for my sensitive Jassy girls. It has one button to control off of its functions, which can be pro or con. I get flustered with how long 3 seconds is (to turn the device off) and how many pushes to ecstasy…..but that is just me and my personal inability to focus! However many will like the simplicity of one control. My favorite vibration was the third function—it was a continuous strong vibration. The others are fun and I would certainly like them for play time with a partner…but after my long trip, I needed consistency! I enjoyed that the entire toy vibrated (shaft and little ears!) allowing me to move it all over for different sensations. If you are like me, you never use the toy only how it’s intended. Inserting the 2 inch (insertable 2”) shaft was just enough of a tease before letting those ears go to work! However mid-way through I had the rotating shaft vibrating powerfully on my clitoris and then there was the magic! The Entice Belle packs a nice amount of power and I found a way to enjoy all 3.25 inches! This one is a nightstand keeper…..well unless I am taking it on my next workcation! Jassy girls this one is going in the “Elevation Shop” buy it here: http://jet-setting-jasmine.myshopify.com/products/entice-belle-silicone-dual-motor-vibrator-waterproof-pink-3-75-inch
poshCal Exotics’ creativity peaked with the launch of this POSH Silicone Ice Massager. I was super excited about this toy because it brought a new element to a typical clitoral vibrator, ice! Most vibrators that I have tested lately have had a heat component, which is very nice and welcomed but I am always up for something new. As I was thinking of what to share with Jassy girls for pros and cons; I realized that any of my cons could very well be pros for someone else, so let’s get into them! The Posh Silicone Ice Massager Tease is a palm size vibrator wrapped in an “ice pack” for lack of a better word. It has 7 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation. For whatever reason, pulsation was my absolute favorite this time around! The vibrator is removable which is awesome because you can use it with other toy accessories and it makes it safe and easy to clean. The Ice Massager is waterproof and completely Phthalate Free; and everyone knows how I feel about being free of harmful plastics especially in my harmless region The toy takes a little prep work, so this is not something you can just whip out of your Pandora’s Box and get going with, well unless you don’t care if it is cold or not. The ice pack just has to be filled with a little water and set to freeze. When you take it out you have an ice cold vibrator ready to give your erogenous zones a field day. For an inpatient woman like me, the freezing game was foreplay in itself! So this toy would be great for a pre-planned night of passion or used as a power play….no touchy until my toy is ready! I enjoyed the idea of having a cool/cold sensation paired with a steamy session but then quickly remembered how overly sensitive I am to cold! I found myself jumping way too much to relax and enjoy the vibrations. The plus to the Ice Massager given my sensitivity was that it did not drip water everywhere as it melted. I consider the less mess a total plus! Once the massager warmed up a bit, I was able to enjoy the cool (not cold) vibrating sensations all over. I actually highly recommended this product to my team member, King of Sensual Noire. He introduces a number of sensory combos during Erotic Touch Massages. We both agreed that using the massager during a body rub would be fantastic, especially during a warm outdoor session and/or paired with hot wax. If you are interested in an Intimate Ice Session, check us out on www.jetsettingjasmine.com to book your personal Fantasy Flight!