May 9, 2016
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December 27, 2016
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Jasmine vs. The Traumatizer: Belly Punching Fetish

Last week I learned quite a bit about a niche in the BDSM Fetish world, Gastergastrizophilia or Belly Punching!!  I had a very interesting opportunity to shoot a scene with JL Productions : Belly Pain Website.  I agreed to this rare sub shoot with the intention of learning more about a Fetish that is less common in mainstream Kink! 

I must admit, I was nervous about the level of pain I could take and exactly how strong my abdominal wall would be to withstand the Traumatizer! The traumatizer was made to deliver high pressured blows to my stomach. The goal was to keep my abdominal muscles flexed to avoid pain and injury. While I was not sexually turned on by the situation, I damn sure was excited at the challenge! The anticipation of when the traumatizer would hit, was all the excitement of BDSM control & power dynamic exchange. I definitely felt vulnerable and a need to have trust in the dungeon master to stop if I needed to–but I am so proud that I didn’t have to use my safe word (trust me I was ready to a few times but the thrill of increasing the pressure was greater!) 

See more information about the Belly Punching Fetish and click here for a preview or purchase of my first experience with the Traumatizer! 

“Bellypunchers, as they are known, derive erotic and/or aesthetic pleasure from the sight of and sensation associated with a woman physically struck in the stomach usually with a bare fist. The specifics associated with this paraphilia vary considerably, sometimes with the woman possessing a toned and muscular stomach, other with the woman possessing a soft and even chubby stomach. Often fetishists desire her to receive blows to the lower stomach specifically; other times, to the upper stomach. Often the woman is struck by other women, but many times the fetishists will fantasize about doing the beating themselves. With the rise of the internet, a wide variety of websites and online groups have risen which house related fiction, photos, stories, and videos, the latter either custom-made or copied from a variety of films and videos. The male-to-male variety of the fetish is frequently called gutpunching, or abspunching”

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