apollo-c-ringI wonder if this will cut off my circulation" I said to myself as I pulled up into the drive way. My regular client requested I wear a cock ring throughout the day so all of my tension and sexual frustration would be on full display as I exploded for her during my climax show. "The Right Touch" has become my most popular performance at parties and she wanted a very special tailor made private show all to herself. "Boxer briefs, yes all black, they are my favorite because they're nice and tight, cover just enough and hug all the right muscles and bulges". I loved how she said it, Southern Belle all the way. By this point the sun was setting but my bulge was rising and trying to break through the cock ring, it was as if all the blood in my body was trapped in my dick and cumming would set me free. I enjoyed house calls with "Georgia" due to her impeccable taste in art and her eccentric obsession with all things kink. "Georgia" owned and curated a gallery so the most amazing paintings would make their way into and through her home, she enjoyed describing the new ones to me over drinks before we would start our massage sessions. The passion in her words describing the depth of textures, vibrancy of the colors and inspiration behind each piece only revealed her nature as a lover, attentive and on fire. Her running joke was "You belong on on my walls King". She turned on some Sade, sat down in the living room, dimly lit with candles and sipped her Pinot Grigio . "I'm ready for my show, have you worn what I requested?" I started by unbuttoning my shirt, then unzipping my pants all the while removing more showed my tension and frustration pushing thru and the ring around me choking every blood vessel raising every vein in my dick to the surface. I let my hand wander slowly across my chest, down my stomach teasing myself with my fingers just below the waistline of my boxers. I reached in and pulled out my choked fully erect..."Squeeze it for me" she said. I grabbed the shaft and squeezed all the blood into the head and started rubbing the other hand all over what felt like the only part of my body that existed. Every stroke, every squeeze, every slap brought me closer to the brink of explosion "have you held it all in for me?" "Yes" I replied She said "Show me, everywhere. Paint me

apollo-strokerI received the Apollo 7 function power stroker as my latest product to try from CalExotics. I was interested to see how or if it would be different from other strokers I've received in the past. The most interesting feature of this toy is the vibrator that you can attach to head or shaft of the stroker. The ridges and beads throughout the inside of the Apollo Stroker also make for an interesting feel . The problem with this particular toy is that it wasn't long enough for me. After getting it nice and lubed up, I stretched it out wide to get myself into it and was very displeased that there was a whole lot left out. What I wound up having to do was, stretch it as wide as possible and just work my head in using what i could fit into it, which actually felt amazing once I turned on the vibrator on the head my penis. A lot of men we think of vibrators as only for women, but using the stroker along with the vibrator attached to it, created a different sensation not only on my head but the vibration also moved down my shaft. I would suggest this toy to any men or couples interested in trying out new ways of pleasure either for self or mutual masturbation. Beside the lack of depth the other draw back of the apollo is what I have problems with most male masturbators, the clean up. Once you have cum inside one of these devices it seems as if no amount of soap and water can clean it all the way up especially when it comes to storage.
amourKate had recently gone through a very rough break up and her friends wanted to make sure she had a good time after weeks of crying. Her best friend said she needed some new tricks before hitting the single world again. They hired the Jet Setting Jasmine Flight Crew for her Freedom Party and specifically requested the Bondage Package. I arrived fully equipped: massage table, paddle, oils, candles, ropes, toys and a new addition the Amour Tempt & Tease Romance Kit (Blindfold, Sex Dice & Feather Tickler). As I walked up to introduce myself she gave me one of the sexiest up and down looks I have ever received, “What do you have to teach me?” I immediately lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. “Have you ever been tied up & blindfolded or experienced candle wax & ice cubes?” I replied. “No, no and no” she said eyes locked as tight as her thighs around me and my grip on her hips. “You’re friends brought me here to relax your body, stimulate your mind and show you some techniques that will turn your bedroom porn set, whenever you are ready to get back in the game”. She waved goodbye to her friends as I carried her down the hall to the room I had set up with candles, lavender incense and Sade’s voice making love through the speakers. I laid her down, rolled her over, respectfully removed her top and as she looked up at me I gently placed the romance red blindfold over her up and down looking eyes, “I am going to tie your hands up now, if you listen and communicate your needs to me properly you will be rewarded, if you do not you will be punished.” I whispered in her ear. I placed two of the Amour dice in her right hand as I began tying her left wrist to the leg of my massage table. “I want you to visualize a specific body part and the exact sensation you want to feel on those dice, then let go and I will incorporate it into your massage”. “How will I know if you are doing what the dice say?” she said right before my paddle made her ass jump. “Never doubt me, pleasing you means not only taking care of your pain but also showing you that there are new heights of pleasure. I am not here to lie or mislead you. I’m here as the cure for all that ails you inside and out. Now, that’s your only warning, punishments mean the pleasure stops, rewards mean it goes higher”. She rolled the dice and they read, NIBBLE & NECK. I tied the other wrist and started spreading oils over her back making sure to feel where she was tense besides her broken heart. “Right there King, deeper” her requests were an honor to fulfill. After removing a few knots in her shoulders I noticed light touch was what she reacted to the most, arching her back whenever the pressure lightened. I had the perfect edition and she deserved a reward. Kate’s black fishnets accentuated her thighs perfectly. Slowly tracing each line with the feather from her ankle up to her inner thigh inspired moans and breathing that mixed like an instrument into the music. I made my way from her upper thigh, to lower back and followed her spine all the way to her neck, when I arrived I moved the feather and whispered "Nibble & Neck”.
power-strokerSex Toys for Women have slowly made their way into Americans collective consciousness. Vibrators and Dildos are spoken about in casual conversation, on television and purchased in stores with flashing lights in the center of major metropolitan cities. Men’s toys however have not made the same dent in society, yet. Maybe it is an ego thing, not wanting to admit that women aren’t available to us for sex at our every beckoning call. Or perhaps most sex toys for men are slightly comedic like the plastic blow up dolls or the fake pubic hair above the vaginal opening on a molded rubber torso. Going home to a blow up doll doesn’t have the same resounding sex appeal as a woman telling you she will be using her rabbit with the thought of you inside her. The Power Stroker however is something different. I have never owned a masturbator, so as soon as I had a free moment I was ready to see and feel what this was all about. Once the Power Stroker was thoroughly lubed I opened it and started sliding in. The intensity built up as my head passed through the ridges and suction chambers. Once my head and shaft came out the other end all I could think of was my lover licking around my head and popping it in and out of her mouth and she used the stroker to pull me closer. Being that I have never been able to get all of me into my partners mouth I think the Power Stroker can add a level to whenever she wants me in her mouth. I believe that you have to stay creative when it comes to pleasing yourself, same as when it comes to pleasing another, variation, spontaneity and experimentation only heighten the pleasure. Different lubes, grips and in this case the entirely different feel of the tight stretchy material of the Power Stroker brought on a different kind of sensation my hands could not do alone, popping my head in and out through the back of the stroker imagining full lips and a talented tongue there to greet my explosion is what lead me to cum and immediately write this review.
control-cuffsShe perused the massage menu with a coy look, accentuated by her index finger over her lips, “I cannot decide which one to choose, I’m new to all of this” she said in a tone befitting the scene she was acting out. “I want something outside of my everyday routine. I’ve always been interested in bondage but not sure if I could fully let go”. In her vanilla life Ms. Johnston is everything but coy, she has the power to make million dollar deals, pass out pink slips and enthrall boardrooms of both men and women with her business acumen, mastery of the market and legs that undoubtedly lead to the promised land. Ms. Johnston received my card a few days ago from her secretary Stacey, who had hired me to perform at her birthday party last weekend. Stacey told me that she knew someone in desperate need of my services. Most men shy away from a woman who keeps a copy of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” on her nightstand, intimidated by her direct approach, no nonsense attitude and seven figure CEO salary. They stick to conversations that pertain to work, pretending as if they don’t realize her full suckable lips, the rhythmic switch in her walk and eyes that won’t even let you make it the bedroom. I found her power, prestige, and poise to be motivation, making me want to please her all the more. Her insane work and travel schedule had left her stressed both physically and mentally. I received the call to be at her office downtown at 8pm on the dot, dressed in all black. After security let me in I was directed to the 25thfloor. The entire floor was completely dark except for the banker’s lamp next to her on the desk. She looked as if the day had taken its toll. I set up the massage table, music, and spread candles around the room before turning off the lamp. I lifted her off of the desk, she immediately wrapped her legs around me as I carried her over to the table. Placing one hand on the back of her neck, the other securing her body I slowly lowered her to make sure she was gently placed on her back. I treated her clothes like presents on Xmas morning, tearing off her top, I’m sure someone will find a ripped off blouse button somewhere in that office, her shoes easily fell to the floor while her skirt slipped off as if it had been trying to free those hips all day. Calexotics recently gifted me a pair of Control Cuffs to review from the Scandal line and this situation proved perfect to try them out. I started with her feet, slowly massaging the stress out of her heels and arches. As I made my way up to her ankles I turned her so her body so that she was lying across the table, head hanging over the side. I lifted her legs up and slowly began fastening the Control Cuffs around her ankles. The soft material made it easy for her to relax and feel comfortable with her 1st time being restrained. The look in her eyes confirmed what I already knew about Ms. Johnston, that with all of her power in the boardroom she loved being dominated in the bedroom. “Keep your legs up and spread them as far as the cuffs will allow you”, “Yes King” she replied. I removed the black v neck I was wearing, as I proceed massaging her calves, legs still up in the air. I wondered to myself if this was what CalExotics had in mind for me testing out these cuffs, and at that moment I caught a glimpse of how sexy the red and black material looked on her cocoa skin tone amidst the candle lights and I couldn’t imagine any other way.

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Apollo Dual Density Stroker for CalExotics! Check out my thoughts in this video and check out the Royal Fetish Films full XXX version to see me use it and fuck through it!