jasmineJasmine, Owner of Jet Setting Jasmine LLC. , is a Licensed Clinical Therapist with a Bachelors of Art in Sociology, Masters of Clinical Social Work and Masters in Aging studies. Her background in Integrated Human Studies has allowed an extensive professional career working with adult clients from a solutions-focused model.

Jasmine is a certified SexPert and contributing product reviewer for California Exotics. She has traveled the country hosting SexEd Workshops and highlighting the more erotic side of sensuality through Fantasy Flight parties. She places a strong emphasis on empowering, enhancing and redefining sexuality for singles and couples. Jasmine's high-spirited & unconventional approach to intimacy issues has allowed client's to explore and address many of their deeply rooted barriers, as well as accept and normalize fetishes.

Jasmine is a national contributor on the issues of Intimacy & Chronic Illness and Sexuality & Aging. Jasmine serves as a featured writer to the Journal of Palliative Medicine. She finds it rewarding and absolutely imperative to educate and sensitize health care providers, family members and community providers on the importance of healthy intimacy at all stages of adulthood. Jasmine blends her personal experience and professional background to host workshops & fundraisers for helping organizations such as Domestic Violence Shelters, with an effort to redefine self concepts & identify and nurture healthy sexual/intimate behaviors.

Jasmine values the incorporation of health and wellness in all aspects of the Jet Setting Jasmine Fantasy Flight model. She is a certified Zumba ZIN instructor and Licensed Booty Jam FitnessTM Instructor. Jasmine brings the unique element of Sexy & Confidence to her Body Altitudes classes with her experience as a Pole Dance Instructor, K.I.S.S (Keep It Strong & Sexy) & Steel & Stilettos creator, and Fantasy Flight Fitness ! Take a tempting Jasmine class to elevate your confidence or contact her for a Mind Over Matter Wellness Consultation.

Jasmine, co-host of The Emotion Picture Radio Show & The Mile High Club, provides candid perspective & advice to listeners frequently asked intimate questions, fears and fantasies. She firmly believes that "A Little Sexy Goes A Long Way!"

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