Got Kink?

Are you ready to add a unique and erotic touch to your next event? Jasmine and King Noire offer a full array of adult entertainment, BDSM workshops and more to add some spice to your next function. We take any event to the next level. Singles & Couples alike are sure to enjoy the Jet Setting Jasmine touch. Our speciality is everything sexual health, wellness and kink.


Normalizing Fetishes:
An interactive workshop about the world of Fetishes, What are they? What makes them so exciting? How you can bring yours into reality. Participants will engage in a private fetish assessment, and opportunity to share and explore findings with their partner(s).

The Art of Erotic Touch:
An interactive workshop about the power of touch, sensory deprivation and sensory stimulation. Participants will learn soothing and stimulating techniques including wax (non-wick candles can be used), ice, body paint, restraints, aromatherapy and electro-play.

The Sex Swing:
King and Jasmine take “sex up the wall” to a whole new level. The duo coach couples through the use of the door sex swing; from different positions to role play. This is great way to turn missionary into a mission worth taking. Participants will also learn how to work through functional limitations and injuries to continue to enjoy an exciting love life. Registration comes with a standard door swing per couple, to be used throughout the cruise.

Steel and Stilettos FitnessTM For Men & Women:
Steel and Stilettos Fitness, developed by Jet Setting Jasmine, King Noire & Pamela Socorro, is a balance of body weight strength training, low impact cardio exercises, and sexy movements; with an added emphasis on confidence building. Participants do not have to wear heels to enjoy the benefits of Steel and Stilettos FitnessTM. The use of the heel will increase balance and core strength, but it is not a requirement. Please bring an exercise mat, towel, water and a sensible heel. We also recommend bringing a secondary pair of heels just in case you would like to change into a pair more comfortable.

Booty Jam FitnessTM with Jet Setting Jasmine
First and foremost, it is THE ORIGINAL "Twerkout!" and is inspired by the sounds and dances of the the "dirty south" and is becoming one of the hottest workouts to hit the dance fitness industry created by Jeni J straight out of Tampa, Florida. Booty Jam Fitness® combines the fun and provocative dances of the Florida club scene with the principles of group fitness to bring you a quality dance fitness program that provides a balance of both in a respectable manner. This 60 minute class provides a high cardio full body workout through the use of repetitious movements and focused isolations. The movements and routines used in these fun-packed classes, target areas of the body such as legs, glutes, and core (front & back); all while strengthening the heart muscle and increasing overall cardiovascular health and physical endurance. This very effective workout will teach you how to pop, drop, lock, pump, roll, clap, wiggle, shake and TWERK it just like they do in the night clubs without any of the annoying elements. There are no headaches about what to wear; nobody harassing you on the dance floor; no peer pressure to be the best dancer. It’s the “Party” where it’s okay to sweat, the “Workout” where it’s okay to have fun, and the "Class" where you won't be judged! Each dance focuses on a different muscle group that is sure to make you feel the burn! If you like to dance and want an amazing workout, then this is the program Zumba Fitness with Jet Setting Jasmine. The Zumba® program is a fitness-party with a contagious blend of Latin and international rhythms that provides a fun and effective workout to a global community. Zumba® Fitness is a global lifestyle brand that fuses fitness, entertainment and culture into an exhilarating dance-party workout. Coined “fitness-parties,” Zumba classes blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, which provide effective, total-body workouts. Join Jasmine as she infuses her Caribbean and Latin background into an hour workout guaranteed to work up a sweat!

Bare Body Boot-Camp:
Join Jasmine and King Noire for a partnered, clothing optional, Hard Body Workout using body weight, cardio and calisthenics to rev your metabolism for the evening’s events on board. You do know that physical fitness enhances the libido, don’t you?

Services: Offered

Erotic Touch Massage & Master Fetish (Singles & Couples)
Bliss: The relaxation of a spa style massage coupled with the stimulation Erotic Touch & private entertainment
Climax: Having your cake and eating it too tonight? Choose your favorite Passion Inducing Product and or aromatherapy fragrance to enjoy during your Erotic Touch Massage. Relax to the feel of strong hands and therapeutic vibrations....
(Passion Inducing Product is not included in price) Shades Of Grey: An Erotic Touch Massage best seller that activates your erogenous zones; using a delicate balance of sensory deprivation and stimulation, restraints and more good things for bad Girls & Boys!
Sundae: If you have ever wanted to be treated like an ice cream cone this package is chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream and a cherry on top. This Erotic Touch Massage is for ladies with a sweet tooth and a dirty mind. We clean up the mess. (Passion product additional fee)
Fire & Ice: Hot wax dripped and massaged on the skin is the heat of passion and the gentle caress of an ice cube can make steam come off the body. This Erotic Touch Massage lets you reach your burning desires. (Soy Massage Oil Candles available for an additional fee)
Pure Ecstasy: Combine your choice of (3) three of the above options for an Erotic Touch Massage that will leave you speechless. (Passion Inducing Product is not included in price)

*There is no pre-requisite for any of our workshops.
*For Swing demos- Sturdy door that can lock.
All others.... a table for our merchandise, materials, wifi is great (but not required), an electrical outlet.

Crisis Intervention Specialist:
Jasmine is a Licensed Clinical Therapist, LSCW in the state of Florida. She is trained to serve as a Crisis Intervention Counselor. The crisis intervention counselor’s function is supporting those who are in a state of acute mental health crisis often brought on by a recent trauma or long term case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. By helping the client to navigate through the intense feelings being experienced providing an anchor in reality, education on trauma/PTSD, support and coping mechanisms, the counselor helps the client to pass through the current crisis stage.
The crisis intervention counselor performs a critical function for those who are suffering from an acute mental health crisis by providing stability and coping mechanisms during the darkest hour of their clients lives. Through education, direct counseling, unconditional acceptance, active listening and offering of coping mechanisms, the crisis intervention counselor gives the client the tools they need to survive their crisis and begin their long term healing process. While not focused on long term therapy, the crisis intervention counselor provides and invaluable service to the individual at their moment of greatest suffering.
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