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JetSetting Jasmine is an inspirational woman alongside being a heroine for women around the world. I was granted the opportunity to meet ...

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Born Accomplishment

I’m a listener, a nurturer, a free thinker and best of all, a mother. Together with my partner King Noire, we own Jet Setting Jasmine LLC...

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hip hop dx

Bustin’ nuts is a lot like bustin’ rhymes. In other words, Rap and porn. Porn and Rap. Whatever combination is chosen, it is a marriage....

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"What is it? What is the fear you're holding on to? What is that thing that your are most afraid of?" asked the sprightly fitness instructor...

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For the past decade, New Jersey native Hasan Salaam, AKA King Noire, has been touring the world. King—who is not only...

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Have I mentioned that I LOVE real swinger movies? I do, and you should too, and here’s why. One of the highest accolades you can give...

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