Erotic Touch Massage Questions

Will my masseuse be clothed during the massage?
Your masseuse is at your service and this means the choice is yours.
Should I be clothed during the massage?
This is also your choice. Some clients are comfortable partially clothed while many would like full skin to skin contact.
Does erotic massage mean sexual intercourse will occur during my session?
No, an erotic massage does not mean sexual intercourse will occur. Clients are generally highly aroused and although no intercourse, climax may occur and is encouraged.
Are there any off limit areas my masseuse will not touch?
Your limits are determined by you with your masseuse. You may use your elevation products in your massage if you would like a more climactic experience.
Can I book any amount of massage sessions if I enjoy my experience?
Yes your time is based on availability and package; this can be determined during your consultation and booking.

BDSM & Fetish Training Questions:

What is a Fetish trainer?
A Fetish Trainer is an intimacy professional that is skilled at helping single and or couple clients explore fetishes. The trainer takes a non judgemental and supportive approach to normalizing some of their client’s most intimate desires and or introduce fetishes in a safe environment.

JSJ Master Fetish Trainers are also skilled at providing sex and intimacy therapy in those cases were fetishes, sexual experiences and or intimacy issues are interfering with a client’s physical and or emotional functional ability.
I’m not sure what my fetish is, will you help me explore?
It would be our pleasure to help you explore your likes, dislikes and fetishes!
I’m a little nervous about booking a fetish trainer. Are there any recommendations for 1st timers?
It is completely natural to be nervous. Sex, Sensuality, Intimacy are all very personal and require a great deal of trust and rapport. We work very hard to make sure our clients feel comfortable and have had some time during consultation to get to know more about their Master Fetish Trainer. The first recommendation for your training is to be honest with yourself and your training;this is your session. We respect the pace of the client and will check in with you throughout your session to see that you needs are being met.
How sanitary is the equipment being used on me?
We discuss what types of equipment you would like to include in your session. We pre-order those items , as part of your Fetish Training Session Package. This is a very customized experience and we want you to feel comfortable and be able to get into your zone without worrying about things like “who used this ball gag last?”; it is yours first and forever! If you have favorite toys, clothing and or fetish apparatus, you may bring it along with you and perhaps show us a thing or two!
If I feel uncomfortable during my session, can we stop?
Absolutely, we empower our clients to assert themselves at any time they are uncomfortable and or perhaps would like to move in another direction. Physical and emotional safety is of the utmost importance to Jet Setting Jasmine LLC.
What are some of the more common fetishes you come across?
The most common is BDSM, many of our clients are very interested in exploring being restrained, learning how to restrain and or how to engage in sensory restraints. Also there is a very high interest in sub sessions for both male and female, where the client would like to explore being in a submissive role.

Foot fetishes have traditionally been a highly sought after sessions and we continue to see many want to explore and get deeper into these types of fetishes, including sock and undergarment fetishes.

Fantasy Flight Party Questions:

What is Fantasy Flight and what’s included with a package?
A Fantasy Flight is a JSJ customized adult event. Fantasy Flights can be for a small group and or couple, typically a theme and or learned goal is established during your consultation. For example, I would like to have a pole party for my friends and I; but we want to learn more about Role Play and the hottest toys on the market.

In this case, we would design an event that would allow the group to learn several pole tricks, games that incorporate Role Play and test out new trends in Elevation Products. We use pre-surveys and a great deal of consultation to learn about the group and what would be the best activities and pace for those involved.

Each Fantasy Flight is different but a very basic flight includes:
Aphrodisiacs Taste Testing, Elevation Product demonstrations, Erotic Touch Massage Services, Playful Pole Dancing and Sex Swing Furniture Demos for clients and guest to learn and enjoy!

Fantasy Flights can also include Field Trips to some of the most risque places in towns; included guided tours and activities in local dungeons, swingers clubs and nude resorts. We won’t leave you alone!
Do you perform bachelorette/bachelor parties too?
Yes our Fantasy Flight parties are excellent for bachelorette/ bachelor and or Jack and Jill parties. We work hard to create an atmosphere that works for the woman and or man of the hour! We keep it as mild or wild to ensure everyone has an unforgettable time.
Can I request King or Jasmine individually?
Yes any of the JSJ Crewmembers can host events individually, however depending on the types of activities and or size of the event we may need to send an added team member to assist King and or Jasmine.
Does it matter if men and women attend a Fantasy Flight?
No, some of the most exciting Fantasy Flights are co-ed.
Can I request an individual fantasy flight party? Meaning can I be a party of 1?
Yes! It is your fantasy and if you are the only star that is perfectly fine with JSJ.
Do my guests receive a massage during the party?
Yes all guest may receive a massage during the party for an additional fee, and or a prepaid arrangement. Massages are generally 20-30 minutes long during a Fantasy Flight, just enough time to relax and learn some tips and rejoin the fun. Group demos are also available to give guest an idea of what they can experience alone.