Jet Setting Jasmine


"I thoroughly enjoyed my session with King Noire and Jasmine. I like that in the beginning I was asked about my interests, expectations and given the opportunity to choose my safe word, which was all very comforting. Being that it was my first session and that I'm a newbie to the BDSM scene, my only expectation and desire was for spontaneity and I was not disappointed! King and Jasmine are the real thing. They did not waver in their dominance but still made sure that I was okay. They also had a natural chemistry and flow with each other so I didn't feel as if I was being dominated in 2 directions or anything. I was able explore my fetishes and my submissive side in a safe and non judgmental space. I look forward to my next session as I will definitely be booking King and Jasmine again!"


"This is not your mother's Passion Party! King and Jasmine provide an unforgettable yet educating experience to each event they are a part of. Their non-judgmental approach and expertise in fetish training allow them to help you explore and fulfill your most dark desires, all while making it fun and comfortable for even the most timid clientele.

I've had the privilege of attending more than one event and each one has been very different. From erotic poetry to pole dance instruction to the most sensually erotic massage, I must say-these are the parties to go to!"

- Stefanie, Hollywood, Florida

"JetSetting Jasmine! I can't say enough about her or this company! Here's my story. As a gay couple you can find it difficult to spice things up in your relationship, especially after six years most "products" are designed to work with couples of the opposite sex. I approached Jasmine about two weeks before my six year anniversary for ideas on how to make it special. She asked me to take her fetish quiz online that lists a bunch of questions that got me and him really talking! after about an hour of back and forth and going into great detail we had gotten some ideas. So I came back to her quiz in hand and let me tell you the things that she suggested were spot on! I have to say this woman know her stuff and has two guys that are EXTREMELY happy! I suggested contacting her ASAP no joke."

-Charlie, Clearwater, Fl

"This company is absolute freedom! I was lucky enough to be introduced to and I've never been happier or more intrigued to discover such a service. Through their fetish flights service, I have not only had the pleasure of exploring fetishes and fantasies but it has also been a form of sensual therapy and sexual understanding. Fetish Trainers King Noire and Jetsetting Jasmine provide a certain comfort through their extensive knowledge and expertise as well as non-judgmental approach to things I once thought of as "way out there" taboo! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for something different, or looking to dig deeper into their current explorations. The best part is, is that they are not just limited to Fetish Flights but also do an array of things including adult entertainment, massage services, general wellness and even pole dancing instruction."

- Catori Upper Marlboro, MD

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, when I signed up for King,
What I should wear, how I should act, what he would bring,
I knew there would be chocolate and fruit and wine,
I didn’t know how it would fly by, the time,
The fun I would have,
The ease he would cultivate
The raptures he would elevate in me.
I signed up as a bucket list thing,
A personal fantasy flight with king,
If not now, then when?
I couldn’t before with what I had been,
I can’t in the future for what I will be,
Yes, now was the time for King and me.
The sexy gap between his teeth,
An easy sensuality,
A spontaneous rapport that was timeless and circumstanceless,
Fun that was effortless and marvelous.
King made me feel…beautiful.
Sexy, silly, naughty, nice, thrills were to be had more than twice,
His massage, his dance, I was entranced.
I tried to sneak a glance when he wasn’t looking, but
I couldn’t help myself.
Every queen should experience king.
A flight of fantasy,
Where she can let go, a flight of fantasy, where she can grow.
Pleasures abound,
King, Candles, incense, massages, classic sounds.
A recipe that I was scared may be rote,
Was anything but.
It was memorably majestic.”

– Anonymous