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October 11, 2015
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November 12, 2015
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A Fantasy Flight to Remember!

Naturotica Fantasy Flight

Settling in from the Miami Naturotica Fantasy Flight has been magical!  We had such a wonderful experience exploring and learning with the guest on this flight.  The feedback from our guest has been amazing, hearing how several moments inspired new frames on sensuality, intimacy and fetishes.  Each flight is so unique, if you have not already it is time to explore one of your own.

” It’s opened the door for me to explore new things that I didn’t know I liked. It’s also opened the door to conversations with people I my life that have similar interest and we didn’t know it. I’m grateful for how tastefully the event was presented. I was especially impressed with the discussion on fetishes; things were normalized and I didn’t feel judged.”-NC

It is the after effect of our flights that keep us flying high! We enjoyed watching the calming sensation that Body Paint strokes produce, the powerful interaction between the rigger and bondage bottom to the sensory deprivation activity shared between a couple and “a friend”! One of my favorite moments was sliding host, Nerissa up her front door in the swing; that will be etched in my “good times” catalog for sure!

It’s always a personal rush for me to see our guest slowly gradually and try on new ideas.  By the end of each flight it becomes evident that something special and intimate has transpired for everyone that attended.

Special thank you to Nerissa Irving of Naturotica for inviting us to guide this Fantasy Flight; and to our sponsors Perversion Inc.’s Pandora & Sir Knotty , Steel and Stilettos Fitness SASI Nici & Arian , Hope Garden Kitchen, Mary Kay Consultant Stephanie Alvarado,  Mink.Ink., and Fletcher Fotographix for capturing the exhibitionist!

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