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August 17, 2015
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August 20, 2015
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Master Fetish Training Reflection 

This photo recently shot by Mayhem with Loyal Laura reminds me of a week long training session with our long term submissive.

Everything is not for everybody, that is why Jet Setting Jasmine has been widely successful, we customize our client’s experience to match their deepest fantasies and fetishes!

Read below a small excerpt from her reflection paper and think about what you would expect to write after your Master Fetish Training!   

“I learned a lot during my week with the Queen. I realize even more now, just how hard the King and Queen work. As a stool wishing to be a submissive, I know that it is my duty to work harder than the ones I serve, as their comfort and pleasure is the main goal. Small things such as, paying attention, writing lists, setting alarms when needed and being precise, I now understand as a recipe for being successful in my place. It felt good to cross things off my to do list and knowing that I was making the King and Queens life easier in any way possible was a great feeling. I understand my place and the place of you that I bow to and I cherish it deeply.

There’s no way that I can leave out mentioning about being tied up. The Shibari was almost too pleasurable at first, especially the way it forced my pussy to open and to be exposed. Walking in itself was the same sensation as masturbation and I had to keep from cumming. It was like forced pleasure in the midst of being punished, spanked and feeling disappointed in myself for letting the King and Queen down. The longer I wore it though, the more painful and uncomfortable it got. Each time I took a shower, it felt as if it tightened, especially around my neck and between my cheeks. It was a constant reminder as I worked of who was in control.

I’ve never been attracted or desired a woman in the way that I truly desire the Queen. I’m turned on by the sound of her voice alone; the tone, melody and confidence in the way she speaks. Her natural Dominance is real and not something that I had expected to experience from a woman in this lifetime, but I am grateful and honored to be able to call such a woman my Queen.” -Summer Sub

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