fantasy flightThe JSJ Crew has traveled coast to coast capturing client’s most provocative desires, fantasies, and fetishes; along with the direct consultation from leaders in the adult entertainment industry.

Their findings have allowed the crew of Sexperts to push the boundaries to the limit with Fantasy Flight packages, now available to you. All packages may be customized to meet client's personal preferences.

Add-ons may include: Overnight Pole Set Up , Erotic Touch Bathing & Tucking In, Fantasy Make Overs, Aphrodisiac Desserts, Wax & Wine, and or Sensual Cuisine.
First Class
First timers with JSJ are always treated to a 1st Class Fantasy Flight. Adult Soirees include Adult “Toy” Stories, Aphrodisiacs, Passion Inducing Product demonstrations, Erotic Touch Services, Playful Pole Dancing Fun, and Swings & Things for you and your co-pilots to enjoy!

Red Eye
Slumber Parties should not have age limit! Catch an overnight flight with your closest friends while learning new tricks & laughing at your silliest hang-ups. Let JSJ plan the activities from a pamper session, games, and toys.

Mile High
Elevate Couple’s Night with JSJ’s Mile High Fantasy Package; let us design a low to high cabin pressure for a couple’s get together, engagement, Jack & Jill, or an anniversary party. Couples that play together are proven to stay together…bring the excitement back or never lose it by keeping your partner on his/her toes. This flight allows couples to engage in the most stimulating games, demonstrations & discussions.

Black Box
Please proceed with caution & absolutely no inhibitions on the Black Box Fantasy Flight. JSJ will assist clients with filling this time capsule with memorable activities ranging from a personalized adult entertainment shoot (photo/video), Erotic Imagery Session, Role Play & more. The flight you have wanted permission to explore ...access granted!

Cloud 9
Why would you deprive yourself of the best feeling on earth? Allow Jet Setting Jasmine to bring the clouds to your bedside, hotel suite, or bestie’s day/night. This escape into fantasy land includes it all from Spa Treatments, Wax & Wine, and Erotic Touch Services: Sensual Hair & Body Treatments.

Sensual Cuisine
A combination of stimulating the senses and nurturing the body. Allow JSJ to book an evening of self-indulgence at your dinner table. While unwinding allow our absolutely stunning and talented crew prepare a healthy delectable meal, while transforming the home ambiance with music, lighting, sensory stimulation. This flight is completely customized to our client’s preference and can be combined with a number of JSJ offers including Spa Treatments, Wax & Wine, and Erotic Touch Services: Sensual Hair & Body Treatments and Fantasy Makeovers.

Buddy Pass
JSJ's primary focus is overall wellness. Utilize the JSJ trusted Sexpert consultants, to walk you through the more intimate matters of your life/lifestyle. Singles & Couples welcome to explore innovative approaches to enhance intimacy. All ages, genders and orientations are welcome and encouraged to consider private consultation. Jet Setting Jasmine LLC is a licensed provider of therapeutic counseling and services.