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August 21, 2015
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August 26, 2015
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Jasmine and Muscle Fetish Experience 

Well finally working out is literally paying off!  

We ran into the Wimpy Webmaster at Fetish Convention and couldn’t help but to learn more about the Muscle Fetish craze in the adult industry.

It didn’t take long for the camera and cash to come out; I was hired on the spot to model my biceps for their Fetish Site! In the video below you will see the pre-shoot and instructions being provided to be a turn on to their muscle maniac viewers!

 I always thought a body builders body was more desirable in this niche. I learned quickly that many viewers with this fetish enjoy worshipping very feminine figures with just the right protusion and flex jump of the muscle! I was so excited to try this out for the first time and share some B-Roll with you! [wpvideo OpftlhBj] 

Here is a little more information about Muscle worship. The worshiper, touches the muscles of another participant, the dominator, in sexually arousing ways, which can include rubbing, massaging, kissing, licking, “lift and carry”, and various wrestling holds. The dominator is almost always either a bodybuilder, a fitness competitor, or wrestler—an individual with a large body size and a high degree of visible muscle mass. The worshiper is often, but not always, skinnier, smaller, and more out of shape. Muscle worship can include participants of both sexes and all sexual orientations.

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