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Scandal Over The Door Cross Review: Orlando Spice

Gina 3This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a Fantasy Flight party for the ladies of  Palm Bay, Florida.  The evening was nothing short of amazing! The ladies were highly interactive and so open to learning from one another.  I decided to use this group to help me review the CalExotic’s Over the Door Cross Restraint.

For this demonstration, Jassy Doll Spice volunteered to be photographed enjoying her time restrained to the door.  We used the Door Cross to demonstrate sensory deprivation.  Spice could not touch, see and or speak.  Her sweet dolls asked to blindfold AND gag her!  We made up several scenarios, one being where Spice would set her self up in the contraptions (maybe with help from one of her friends!); and let her lover find her available to be used to his (or her) liking!  We later set up another scenario where Spice was placed in this restraint while her lover tortured her with anticipation, perhaps preparing dinner while she waits spread eagle to be touch.  The scenarios were endless! The Scandal Cross Door give you so much to work with from front/back positions, use with countless accessories and imagination! Gina 1A little about the Door Cross, it is another beautifully developed piece to add to my Scandal Collection!  The soft, plushy and delicately designed fabric are beautiful to touch and view.  The for door stoppers can work on any door in a home, hotel or office!  It takes less than 5  minutes to secure the very sturdy straps over the door placement.   The straps are fully adjustable to fit all door sizes and adjustable to the height of the lucky person to be restrained to it.  The claps on the straps are universal clasps and the D-rings swivel; allowing you to use a number of

attachments, should you want to graduate from the Scandal Cuffs. For the novice, the use of the velcro cuffs, although very secure, provides a sense of comfort knowing that removing the cuffs do not require key and or sharp object.  This piece of sex furniture is a must have for anyone wanting to take a “play room” on the go or need to quickly pack it away for privacy.

Gina 2If you are interested in adding a Scandal Over the Door Cross to your collection, just visit JSJ’s Elevation Product Store! Be sure to tell me about your scenario!

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