Intimacy & Caring for Someone with a Disability 
January 19, 2017
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January 27, 2017
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Sharing your passion with your lover! 

This lovely couple shared so much of themselves today! We focused on the fact that after serving special forces in Vietnam that things don’t necessarily just “get better” with #PTSD but you do learn how to cope and live better. This Veteran now dedicates his life to ensuring younger Veterans are connected to the resources they need to “cope better”. His wife was shocked that he joined her for the Intimacy Post Injury/Illness workshop. We were able to celebrate that sometimes just SHOWING UP is more than half of the work! We also confirmed that her sharing in his work to support his brothers is when he feels the closest and most connected to her. Try to get involved a bit in the work that your lover is passionate about and you will be creating intimacy in a way that no one sex trick can match! ♥️on! 

Xo, Jas 

(Permission granted to share) 

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