What Is The Steel and Stilettos Fitness™ Program? Steel & Stilettos is a fusion fitness program. This program is a unique blended balance of body weight strength training, cardiovascular exercise & sexy movements; with an emphasis on confidence building.

It incorporates fitness activities to strengthen all participants’ needs to strut their stuff, with a sharp focus on glutes, legs, core, and abdominals. High Heels are used in the final segment of the class to allow participants to experience proprioception once targeted muscles have been stimulated. The class combines diverse music genres and tempos, exercises and affirmations throughout; to tone and sculpt mind and body.

Steel and Stilettos Fitness™: The Beginning In 2013 the trio, founded Body Altitudes Health and Fitness Studio in Clearwater, Florida. Body Altitudes was designed as “The Boutique of Fitness”, offering a variety of diverse and exciting classes, much like the owners! Their combined experience in health and wellness allowed for creative approaches to helping their clients meet their goals. The creators were seeking a format that would entice their members to consider strength training, given all the cardio options that were already available. They also wanted to offer a format that would replace the self-doubt and negative perceptions that members often presented in regards to their fitness potential. The concept of Steel and Stilettos met all of those requirements; as it is physically challenging, encourages personal interpretation of sexy and provides a mental workout. Steel and Stilettos was offered as a group fitness class only at Body Altitudes Health & Fitness Studio. Members quickly gravitated towards the workout that allowed creative expression, open & supportive dialogue between student and instructor and a tremendous sweat!

Within months the Steel and Stilettos Fitness™ format gained the attention of local media, including the Tampa Bay Times, the area’s largest periodical and a featured segment on NBC’s Daytime Show. Within weeks of airing on national television, the program was invited to several cities around the country; landing their first master class debut in New York City. From those classes, both student and fitness studio owners expressed a high interest in regularly scheduled classes at their facilities. The Body Altitudes’ owners knew it was time to give them what they wanted, and launched the first format of the Sexy Series: Steel and Stilettos. Steel and Stilettos is presently offered as an official licensed training workshop internationally.