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December 17, 2015
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Strapped On: Lance Hart on Jasmine’s Therapy Couch

This weekend I had another first time! This experience involved Lance Hart, the Royal Fetish Film Camera and a strap on dildo! Lance Hart is the owner of PErvOut, the Boutique of Porn!  He is also a leading adult film gay/straight performer. We had an opportunity to have Lance on the Jasmine Therapy Couch* to discuss his Fetish. This session was focused on the challenges with bringing up his desire to introduce a strap on into his relationship with a woman.

It was completely my pleasure to provide Lance a safe space to explore this fetish act and work on asserting his desires to his partner. My experience wearing a strap on and having a real life point of view (POV) fellatio experience was paramount! It was my first experience wearing a strap on for oral sex from a man. It was absolutely exhilarating! I had a glimpse at why men love receiving oral sex from woman (or man).  Lance looked more exquisite than usual! Seeing his lips, cheeks sucked in and slow tilts of his head… WOW!  Now I can only imagine if I could feel the sensation as well, pure bliss.  He would look up from time to time and lock eyes with me–in those moments he was the one in power. By the end, Lance was able to strongly articulate his desire to have his girlfriend use a strap on and I had opened up another compartment of my personal “Pandora’s Box”

*Jasmine’s Therapy Couch is a series of Royal Fetish Films clips with consenting adult entertainers.  Real therapeutic sessions do not involve and or should NOT involve intimate relations and actions between the client and therapist; this would be considered unethical and inappropriate on behalf of the clinician. The JTC series is for entertainment and educational purposes, not intending to misrepresent the profession of counseling.

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